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Deziworkz invites dealers for the wholesale program to increase the range of their product offers and enjoy the entrée to a broad array of design & styles for sales and business.We have a good network of dealers in every part of India and we are looking for more new dealers through out the country.

Buy the Wholesale Home Décor Your Customers Want at Deziworkz Wholesale

Thanks to the popularity of websites, television shows and books that talk about home improvement and design tips, homeowners everywhere are actively looking for decorations perfect for their houses. As a retail store or gift shop owner, you can make sure your shelves are stocked with the nicest home décor possible to encourage shoppers to make purchases. One trip to Deziworkz, is all you need to find the right home décor at wholesale prices.

At Deziworkz, we offer modern and inovative home décor that can be used indoors and outdoors. This gives your shoppers tons of choices when it comes to finding products for the home. Make sure you spend some time looking at all the merchandise we offer – we have so much to see, and our inventory changes on a daily basis!

We Check Our Vendors Thoroughly

You can trust that every vendor we deal with at Deziworkz Wholesale has already been carefully examined. Our buyers look for quality home décor at wholesale prices from vendors from all over the country.

Of course, many of our vendors do come from the India. Plus, we actively look for vendors who make their products completely in the India .

Becoming a Registered Buyer at Deziworkz Wholesale Is Easy

Buying home decorations at wholesale prices through Deziworkz Wholesale is easy. Any retail store or gift shop owner can submit the below given form from our website and send it to us for approval. Once you have been approved as a registered buyer, you can make purchases at our store or online.

Best of all, when you see modern and innovative country décor you want to buy, you can choose as many items as you want. There’s a minimum requirement when you shop with us. You’ll still get to buy them at a discount. This can help you keep your inventory overhead low while still helping you stay within your buying budget.

Join Deziworkz Wholesale today and find out about one of the best kept secrets in the wholesale shopping market! Apply today, so you can start providing your customers with the modern and innovative décor they love.

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